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Systems Engineer

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Systems Engineer

Maintain Infrastructure Servers, Disk Arrays/Storage, Backups, Email and Virtual Environments (VMWare and Citrix).

Design, install, and maintain all interfaces that allow exchange of data between the above listed systems including Ethernet/fiber optic connections.

Maintain and develop cloud based solutions (i.e. Office 365, G Suite, and AWS) including integration and scripting.

Ability to troubleshoot systems, applications and network issues. Knowledge of DNS operations, network topologies, windows server topology, UNIX systems, VPNs, load balances and firewalls is vital.

Ability to manage projects while balancing day-to-day server maintenance and operations.

Participate in the design, installation, and maintenance of all data center equipment, power, and connectivity.

Responsible for Patching/Security of all Windows and Appliance-based systems.

Manage the Networking/Systems ticketing queue for all system troubles.

Support Students and Faculty as needed on the above systems and applications.

Be able to facilitate constant, open communication between the Information Technology disciplines as well as various departments.


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Virginia Beach, VA

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